Bryan Graf & Reveille Barnes
December 11 - January 31, 2016
Peninsula Art Space, 352 Van Brunt, Brooklyn, NY

No(w)here juxtaposes the work of photographer Bryan Graf and ceramicist Reveille Barnes, examining how each artist subtly deconstructs formal modalities of image and object production in pursuit of the uncanny amidst the mundane. Graf utilizes digitally captured florals, wallpaper patterns, and psychic landscapes which the artist mirrors, layers, and exposes to analogue photo techniques, creating unique object installations on both linen and photo paper. Barnes' porcelain vessels are chiral pairs, near but not quite mirrored objects whose simple elegance belie their exquisite craft. Ideas surrounding memory, reliquary, ritual and repetition accentuate the work's lightness of touch. 

Bryan Graf.  Forest Hallucination, 2015.   Image courtesy Yancey Richardson Gallery

Bryan Graf. Forest Hallucination, 2015. 
Image courtesy Yancey Richardson Gallery

Reveille Barnes.  Urn,  2015.

Reveille Barnes. Urn, 2015.